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You Only Die Forever (2014)

Written and Directed by Adam Harvey and Sasha Rinaldi

A secret agent must team up with a bitter rival and travel to the edge of their reality to fulfil his mission.

A child forced to play with the son of his mother’s new partner, escapes into a sci-fi spy fantasy and ends up making a new friend through imaginative play.

"Tropfest NZ finalist in 2014 and Winner of Best Visual Effects for our awesome visual effects artist Chris Williams. This was a very fun project, indulging in all our favourite spy and action movie tropes."


Finalist and Best Visual Effects - Tropfest New Zealand 2014

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You Only Die Forever Credits


John – Owen Williams

Leonard- Jackson Davey

Agent John– Sasha Nixon

Agent Leo- Tim Kapoor

Mum- Alex Ellis

Sam/Bad Boss- Carl Watkins

Angie- Shoshana Sachi

Assassin- Jenna Hudson

Waiter- Joel Bell

Photo Dad- Phill Palmer

Henchmen/Stunt Performers- Chris Hanlon, Chris Williams, Derek Neal, Eduera Neal, Allan Anderson, Paul Stone, Tamati Westcott, Bevin Thomas, Ben Corcoran, Andrew Johnstone, Damian Puddle, Cliff Tarrant

Party Guests- Derek Neal, Chris Williams, Bevin Thomas, Ben Corcoran, Shoshana Sachi, Glenn Coltman, Leigh Harvey, Diane Sommerville, Tony Knowles, Angelici Karatasiou, Scott King, Sheida Mehrain, Richard Mauriohooho, Rose Newman, Kong Au Yong, Lisa Stoeger, Mary Rinaldi, Kat Mackie, Jane Spenceley, Rick Cave, David Bowers-Mason, Jaimee Paenga, Yvonne Yin


Directed by Adam Harvey, Sasha Nixon

Written by Shoshana Sachi, Sasha Nixon, Adam Harvey

Produced by Adam Harvey and Sasha Nixon

Cinematographers- Moehau Hodges-Tai, Stefan Dimitrof

Armourer- Jon Collins

Props- Jay Foster

Make Up- Courtney Mayall, Alex Webb

Production Assistants- Chris Hanlon, Chris Williams

Visual Effects- Design Weasel, Aaron Tam

Original Music- The Scorelocks Collective

End Credit Music- 'A Grand Adventure' by Jack Francis

Editor- Adam Harvey

Special thanks to

Matangi Dairy Factory

The University of Waikato

NZ Parkour Association

Lido Cinema Hamilton

Munns- The Man's Store

Tom Mowbray