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Play Dead (2012)

Written, Directed and Edited by Adam Harvey

When a city mum living rurally is driven to extremes by her neighbour’s noisy dog, she must embrace the country ways to protect her family.

Play Dead is a dark comedy about the Waikato rural lifestyle, featuring lots of cows, a disruptive dog, an insensitive neighbour, a shotgun and a claw hammer. Kate lives by city rules, and is routinely dismissed and patronised by her male neighbours. But when her daughter’s safety is threatened, she readily adopts the country way of doing things.

"This film is loosely based both on my own experiences of living in rural New Zealand and on rumours about a local farmer who allegedly killed a colleague’s pet."


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Play Dead Credits


Kate – Alex Ellis

Jenny– Tashaan Petersen-Shaw

Richard– Sasha Rinaldi

John- Dennis Ralph

Sylvester– Macca


Written and Directed by Adam Harvey

Produced by Scott Granville and Ben Woollen

1st Assistant Directors- Scott Granville and Ben Woollen

Cinematographer- Joe Hitchcock

Additional Cinematography- Ben Woollen

Camera Operator- Dan Inglis

Key Grip- Moehau Hodges-Tai

Best Boy- Stefan Dimitrof

Sound Recordists- Brad Griffiths, Stefan Dimitrof

Make Up and Effects- Edwin Petersen

Script Supervisors- Luke Sharplin, Chris Williams

Sound Design- Edwin Petersen

Foley Artists- Katrina Knight, Corey Petersen-Shaw, Tashaan Petersen-Shaw

Visual Effects- Ben Corcoran, Adam Harvey

Stills Photography- Lecars Li

Catering- Leigh Harvey, Alana Granville

Original Music- The Scorelocks Collective

Editors- Adam Harvey, Luke Sharplin

Special thanks to

Creative Communities Scheme Hamilton City

Terry and Joe MacDonald, Brogan Collins, Shaun and Shona, The Johnstone Family, Colin and June Speake