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Surgical Precision (2023)

Written, Directed and Edited by Adam Harvey

When his home is invaded, a doctor researching the medical uses of telekinesis must decide whether to use his gift to help or to harm his attackers.

A doctor, physically disabled by prolonged use of his telekinetic gift, finds his Hippocratic Oath challenged when his home is invaded by those seeking to exploit his ability. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but when push comes to shove his intruders will discover that he can target their internal body parts with…surgical precision.

"I love movies about telekinesis, but always felt that the power could be used for more than just exploding heads. With specialised anatomical knowledge and precise application, it could treat inoperable medical conditions, but also potentially do a lot of damage. And that ability would be sought after by people with nefarious intent."

"As my protagonist has been physically affected by his telekinesis, I knew I had to cast an actor with a disability. Ant Towler is an actor who relished the chance to throw himself around and dispel the preconception that actors with disabilities are fragile and difficult to accommodate on set."

Full film will be posted here after completing its festival run.


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Surgical Precision Credits


Ben – Anthony Towler

Tyler – Sasha Rinaldi

Kayleigh – Missy Mooney

Hunter – Reneel Singh

Grant – Chris Hanlon

Mac – Mac Harvey


Written and Directed by Adam Harvey

Produced by Mary Rinaldi, Kelly Fritz and Nathan Higgins

Executive Producers –Laurie Hayes, Henry Stubbs, Richard Stubbs, Adam Harvey, Leigh Harvey,

1st Assistant Director- Nathan Higgins

Cinematographer- Mike Potton

1st Assistant Camera- David Tharratt

2nd Assistant Camera- Matty Thomas Taylor

Gaffer- Ben Wilson

Sound Operator- Robert Pendergrast

Production Designer- Kelly Fritz

Set Dresser- Nathan Higgins

Hair, Makeup and SPX- Jane Petersen

SPX Co-ordinator- Roy Blackmore

SPX Assistants- Ben Corcoran and Chris Hanlon

Script Supervisor- Jessa Hannam

Costume Designer- Kelly Fritz

Art Assistant- Holly Middlemiss

Stunt Co-ordinator- Steven Davis

Health & Safety Officer- Ben Corcoran

Unit Catering- Matthew Shaskey

Location Services- Rob and Andrew Pollock

Editor- Adam Harvey

Sound Design- Jason Long

Composer- Tim Grogan

Visual Effects- Ben Corcoran

Colourist- Ben Woollen

Marketing & Social Media- Nathan Higgins

Stills Photography- Dan Inglis

Special thanks to

Creative Communities Scheme Hamilton City

Creative Communities Scheme Waipa District

Waikato Film Hub

AC Petfoods

Wholly Cow Cambridge

John Higgins, Anya Gladstone, Leigh Harvey, Steve and Heidi Austin-Crawford, June Speake

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Images courtesy of Dan Inglis