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Minimally Invasive (2020)

Written, Directed and Edited by Adam Harvey

An anxious patient fears his concerns are being ignored when his routine operation yields unexpected findings. 

In a hospital operating theatre, a patient finds his chosen surgeon has been replaced, and the staff fail to calm his anxieties. As the procedure continues, he becomes increasingly concerned that something is very wrong inside him, and by the time the doctors take him seriously, it may be too late for everyone. 

"As doctors we can forget how scary even routine procedures can be from the patient's perspective. This film is my attempt to address this."


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Minimally Invasive Credits


Ben – Benjamin Fransham

Julia – Mary Rinaldi

Markus – Sasha Rinaldi

Rachel – Aleida Brown

Theatre Security – Graham Lauder

Poster Nurse – Jessica Hannam


Written and Directed by Adam Harvey

Produced by Mary Rinaldi

1st Assistant Director- Kelly Fritz

Cinematographer- Ben Woollen

Camera Assistant- Madison MacInnes

Sound Operator- Robert Pendergrast

Gaffer- Graham Lauder

Hair and Makeup- Sarah Price

Production Assistants- Nathan Higgins and Gareth Hastie

Art Director- Jane Petersen

Art Assistant- Heidi Crawford

Creature Builder- Edwin Petersen

Prop Builder- Duncan Milne

Script Supervisor- Steve Austin

Assistant Script Supervisor- Aleida Brown

Visual Effects- Ben Corcoran

Stills Photography- Chris Hillock

Graphic Designer- Consi Dartsch

Editor- Adam Harvey

Sound Design- Jason Long

Composer- Tim Grogan

Colourist- Ben Woollen

Special thanks to

Creative Communities Scheme Hamilton City

Creative Waikato

Waikato Film Hub

Bartron Fink

Zubayr Zaman, Rachel Prasad, Leigh Harvey, Deborah Ratima, Bex Thompson, Amanda de Souza, Helen Rinaldi

Images courtesy of  Chris Hillock