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Bloody Late Shift (2017)

Written, Directed and Edited by Adam Harvey

On a routine night treating unpleasant people, an Emergency Room doctor becomes wary of a polite patient.

Dodging punches and all kinds of bodily fluids are part of the normal night’s work for Emergency doctor Ruth, until she lets her guard down around an unusually respectful patient. His pleasant demeanour hides a dangerous affliction that will challenge Ruth’s bedside manner and her vow to do no harm.

"This is my tongue in cheek metaphor for working in health care- you have to keep your wits about you to prevent becoming a patient yourself, and the ‘nice’ ones are usually the ones to watch out for."


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Bloody Late Shift Credits


Doctor – Mary Rinaldi

Patient – Sasha Rinaldi

Nurse– Joanna Bishop

Nurse Kate– Jessica Hannam

Catheter Patient– Bernard Moody

Surgery Patient– Mark Houlahan

Aggressive Patient- Chris Hanlon

Self-harm Patient- Vivi Crossland

Doctors- Megan Goldsman, Mandy Faulkner

Orderlies- Anthony Aiono, Andrew Lyall

Patients- Kieran Munro, Gavin Smith, Beth Smith, Arna Kemp, Jasmin Burness


Written and Directed by Adam Harvey

Produced by Chris Hanlon

Associate Producer- Mary Rinaldi, Sasha Rinaldi

Cinematographer- Sara Guix

Camera Assistant- David Tharratt

Sound Recordist- Ben Corcoran

Assistant Sound Recordist- Dave Murray

Make Up and Prosthetics- Anya Gladstone-Gallagher, Wairehu Grant

Make Up Advisor- Alex Fitzgerald-Webb

Art Director- Kerenapu Winiata-Katting

Production Assistant- Lingyan Huang

Hospital Liaison- Zubayr Zaman

Editor- Adam Harvey

Visual Effects- Ben Corcoran

Colourist- Ben Woollen

Composer- Mat Hoyes

Special thanks to


Christine Brabyn, Deborah Moore, Zubayr Zaman, Kylie Kempthorne, Paige Larianova, Scott Granville, Dan Inglis, Julia Reynolds